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pro-phase audimator


Technology enables our creativity. It is the channel through which all of our emotion, passion and effort flow. Technology means little without the expertise to make it work for our clients.

The Pro-phase Audimator C2 music system is Profile’s latest Solid State, high fidelity automated network music system. The Audimator has been developed exclusively by profile & incorporates the following technologies & features:

State of The Art – The Audimator uses state of the art high fidelity digital audio components to transcend the moods & atmospheres our Audio Architects design for your brand.

Solid State Design – The Audimator has no moving parts which virtually eliminates operational wear & tear. The Audimator has been designed from it’s core to withstand years of continuous 24/7 commercial use.

Automation – The Audimator integrates Audio & Automation. It is designed to play your brands Unique Audio DNA without any staff intervention.

Audio tracks & advertising messages can be deployed precisely at any given time of the day, week, month or year.

Encryption – The Audimator plays encrypted audio files to adhere to strict international licensing laws. Rest assured that your business is always playing 100% legal music at all times.
Encryption also ensures that no other businesses are able to play or pirate your Unique Audio DNA pro- files.

Easy & Effortless Updates – Updates are delivered electronically via fast CDN networks, require no staff assistance & can occur as many times as your brand requires.

Small – Light – Strong – Green – The Audimator is aesthetically beautiful, extremely light & strong. Care has been taken to make the Audimator environmentally friendly. The Audimator is RoHS compliant & uses no lead components.

State of the art technology is married with contemporary progressive design elements which maintains a footprint which is only 5 cm wide by 4.2 cm high.

Storage Capacity – The Audimator can store as many audio tracks as your Audio DNA requires.

Simplicity – The Audimator has been designed to be simple to use.
In Audimator mode, staff assistance is never required. Updates & power on/off are fully automated. Should it be desired the Audimator can be also controlled by staff via any smart device.

Integration – The Audimator easily integrates into any existing sound system & network environment.

Custom Built – Every function of the Audimator has been cleverly designed; the enclosure, the compo- nents & operating system have all been specifically designed for the commercial retail environment. Nothing about the Audimator is “off the shelf”.

Tailor Made – Profile integrate your software requirements into the Audimator system so your brand is nev- er tied to a standard feature set. Our national team of engineers design, deploy and install supporting audio equipment should it be required.

Profile use quality audio brands such as Bose, Electro-voice, Cloud, Australian Monitor & Inter-M


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